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Contact Information

You may contact us at any time by sending an email to the STU-ICTP account at stu or by calling one of the Staff Representatives/Council Members:

Staff Representative (and Treasurer)

  • Roberto Bertoli: EFB-209, bertoli, ext.522

Alternate Staff Representative

  • Silvana Medica: EFB-T8, s.medica, ext.506


Council Members

  • Guido Comar, EFB-208, comar, ext. 271
  • Cinzia Giancovich, EFB-201, giancovi, ext. 271
  • Lisa Iannitti, EFB-217, iannitti, ext. 227
  • Muthoni Kareithi, TWAS-AGH, 7th floor, kareithi, ext. 681
  • Mabilo Koutou, LB-112, mabilok, ext. 455
  • Dora Photiou, EFB-T3, photiou, ext. 562
  • Sabrina Visintin, EFB-135, photiou, ext. 356


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